Hi, I’m Aaron Schiff.

I use data to help people make sense of a complex world.

I’m a freelance economist and data counsel. I offer personal, responsive service to people in businesses and government. I can help with forecasting, analysis of demand, business cases and market studies, government policy evaluation, and data visualisation. I work with datasets large and small. I use economics to bring meaning to data analysis by applying theory and models to go beyond simply looking for patterns and correlations, and to avoid following spurious trends. But numbers are just the beginning. I create beautiful graphs and maps, build user friendly Excel spreadsheets, and make data visualisations. I also work with Figure.NZ to help organisations publish data and to make it usable by everyone.

Contact me by phoning +64 9 336 1323, send me an e-mail, find me on Twitter, and see my code on GitHub.

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Thoughts, graphs, code, and experiments.
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