Hi, I’m Aaron Schiff.
I use economic models, statistical tools,
and data visualisation to help organisations
make sense of a complex world.
I’m a freelance economist and a datasmith

I’ve worked with SMEs, government, and large corporates on:

  • Forecasting
  • Economic modelling
  • Spatial analysis
  • Policy evaluation
  • Data analysis and visualisation

I work with datasets big and small, and offer personal, responsive service.

I use economics to bring meaning to data analysis

It’s easy to find correlations, but do these mean anything? Making decisions on the basis of data analysis alone risks following spurious trends. To go beyond pattern recognition and to understand what’s really meaningful in your data, you need principles. Economic theory and models provide a platform to validate empirical results.

But it’s not just about numbers

Usable data analysis involves much more than crunching the numbers – it requires design, visualisation, and communication skills.

I don’t produce black boxes and if you work with me you’ll always understand what you’re getting.

I create easily digestible charts and maps, and I’ve built user-friendly Excel models.

I design and develop interactive data visualisations. Explore »

Let’s talk
+64 9 336 1323

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