Examples of my work

I’ve consulted in many sectors including transport, tourism, infrastructure, emerging technologies, health, social enterprises, and telecommunications.

Here’s a small selection of my consulting work:

Road safety data analysis: For New Zealand’s Ministry of Transport, I applied statistical analysis and predictive models to a large dataset of driver licensing records and road crashes to identify relationships between licensing and road safety. I also estimated effects on road safety of some changes to New Zealand’s driver licensing rules.

Forecasting models: I have developed many bespoke forecasting models for major government and corporate clients, including models of water demand in Auckland, electricity network connections in Auckland, airport passenger and aircraft movements for Brisbane and Melbourne airports, and models of New Zealand tourism activity. I developed a large custom model that is used by New Zealand’s Ministry of Transport to forecast government revenues from fuel taxes and road user charges.

Data visualisation: For a group of New Zealand government agencies, I helped to develop an interactive tool and a report to explore a new dataset of measures of the intensity of competition in New Zealand industries. For Figure.NZ, I developed a set of interactive maps showing characteristics of people in geographic areas of New Zealand. You might also want to check out my personal data visualisation projects.

Modelling economic impacts: I’ve worked to quantify the economic impacts of new and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the ‘Internet of Things’, data-driven innovation, and a professional development programme in the creative arts sector. These projects involved developing specialised economic models to estimate associated benefits and costs, and producing impacts of estimates under a range of scenarios.

Quantifying causal effects: Using sophisticated data analysis techniques, I have estimated the effects caused by specific interventions and investments in various sectors including health, infrastructure, tourism, and road safety. In cases where it is not possible to perform a randomised, controlled experiment, modern statistical methods can help to isolate causal effects.

I have also published papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented at conferences.

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