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The charts below are based on a large monthly dataset published by StatsNZ of building consents issued in New Zealand. All charts relate to the number of consents issued for new residential dwellings, by type of dwelling and geographic area.

The building consent data includes much more information than is shown here. As well as new dwellings, it has consents issued for residential alterations and for many types of non-residential buildings. It has more detailed geographic information (at the 'suburb' or SA2 level) and includes data on the floor area and dollar value of consents issued. If you need a more detailed analysis of NZ building consent data, please get in touch.

The chart below summarises trends in the number of building consents issued for new dwellings in each regional council area over the most recent 12 months of data. Trends are classified as "positive" or "negative" if there is evidence that building consent numbers increased or decreased over this period, otherwise they are classified as "flat". The "All dwellings" category is the sum of the other four categories of dwelling type.

Download source data for regional trends over the past 12 months

The following charts show the actual monthly number of building consents issued for new residental dwellings of all types combined, plus a smoothed trend line, for each regional council area.

Download source data for long-term trends by region


Bay of Plenty



Hawke's Bay











West Coast

The following charts show the total number of consents issued for new dwellings in each Auckland local board area. In each month, the chart shows the total number of consents issued in the 12 months ending in that month, for each local board area.

Download source data for 12-month totals by Auckland local board

Dwelling types for consents in major urban areas

These charts show smoothed trends in the monthly number of consents for new residential dwellings by type of dwelling in the major urban areas of New Zealand. The charts focus on showing the change in the distribution of dwelling types over time. The number of consents for each type is represented by the thickness of each coloured band.

Download source data for smoothed trends by dwelling type in urban areas

Auckland Region

Hamilton City

Tauranga City

Wellington Region

Christchurch City


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