Non-profit organisations

Strategic advice and robust impact evaluation

Schiff Consulting advises non-profit and philanthropic organisations on investment and strategic decision-making, and helps these organisations to evaluate and measure their outcomes and impacts.

Our approach to impact measurement for social organisations is heavily data-driven and seeks direct evidence of impacts using robust causal methods. We don’t do ‘black box’ impact evaluation. Instead we seek clear evidence of causal links between investments or interventions and measurable outcomes.

Examples of work

Programme evaluation: Development of a framework to evaluate an urban development intervention programme in Jundiaí, Brazil, for the Barnard van Leer Foundation (with Dovetail).

Aged care programme evaluation: Schiff Consulting contributed analysis of service and activity data to support an evaluation of a publicly-funded support programme for aged care in Australia (with Charles Darwin University).

Oral health programme evaluation: Analysis of oral health outcome data to help evaluate a trial programme of supervised toothbrushing in Northland schools, for the Clare Foundation (with Dovetail).

Mental health evaluation: Schiff Consulting provided data analysis to support evaluation of an early pregnancy screening tool and intervention programme, for The National Hauora Coalition (with Hikitia Consultants).

Social intervention support: Schiff Consuting provided analysis and visualisation of data on socioeconomic outcomes for young adults to support philanthropic investment funding decisions, for the Todd Foundation (with The Knowledge Institute).