Applied economics and data analysis to help you make better decisions.

Schiff Consulting is a specialised consulting firm based in Auckland, New Zealand, that advises government, non-profit, and corporate clients directly and in collaboration with other consultants.

Core services include data and statistical analysis, economic research and modelling, forecasting, quantitative evaluation, and data visualisation. Schiff Consulting has extensive experience applying these skills across many sectors and activities including central and local government policy-making, transport, competition economics, and non-profit organisations.

Data and information for economic evaluation of social interventions: A brief overview of the data and information needed for robust and credible economic 'return on investment' analysis of a social intervention.
NZ residential building consents explorer: Visualisations of trends in building consents issued for new residential dwellings in New Zealand.
NZ price index tracker: Visualisations of New Zealand price index changes beyond headline inflation.
Putting economic evaluation into practice: Economic evaluation is data intensive. What are the data requirements and when should you think about them? I've written a guide to help set up the data and information that you'll need to apply economic evaluation to social interventions.
A few notes on time-series forecasting with AutoGluon: Some quick notes of a few basic things I've learned about time-series forecasting with AutoGluon
Evaluating AutoGluon for forecasting: Taking a look at the accuracy of forecasts produced by the AutoGluon package from Amazon.