The core services of Schiff Consulting are quantitative data analysis and applied economics. We have extensive experience applying these across many different sectors and activites.

We offer a full range of data analysis services including raw data processing and cleaning, statistical, econometric and machine learning analysis, and development of effective data visualisations and reporting.

Applied economics provides the framework for shaping our analysis and helps to make sense out of the patterns uncovered from data analysis.

Data and statistical analysis

All aspects of quantitative analysis including data cleaning and processing, statistical analysis, predictive modelling, causal inference, econometrics, and geospatial analysis.

Economic research and modelling

Economic analysis and advice to inform policy, business decisions, and evaluation design.


Quantitative data analysis and applied economics to support evaluation projects.


Bespoke forecasts and development of automated forecasting models to support planning and decision-making by organisations and government.

Data visualisation & communication

Turning quantitative analysis into insights through static and interactive visualisations.

Decision support

Applied economics and data analysis to help people and organisations make sense of a complex world and make better decisions.