Helping to keep people and goods moving efficiently

Schiff Consulting has delivered many projects in the land transport and aviation sectors in New Zealand and abroad. This includes quantitative policy analysis, evaluation, and forecasting for key government organisations.

Through this work, we have a deep understanding of the characteristics of transport as essential infrastructure that most people interact with on a daily basis and its impacts on people, business, and the environment.

Examples of work

Government revenue forecasting: The NZ Ministry of Transport commissioned Schiff Consulting to re-develop the model it uses to forecast government revenues from fuel taxes and road user charges. This included developing econometric forecasting models for revenue streams and embedding these models in an R-based forecasting system that can be used to analyse and compare forecast scenarios.

Data analysis for transport evaluation: The New Zealand Ministry of Transport commissioned Aaron Schiff to evaluate the impacts of various changes to driver licensing rules on road safety outcomes. This involved analysis of a large dataset of driver licensing records and information about road crashes. Statistical models were applied to understand licensing-related factors that affected road safety outcomes over a 10-year period, which were summarised in data visualisations.

Transport policy review: Schiff Consulting (with Dovetail and Mackie Research) was engaged by the NZ Ministry of Transport to review the effectiveness of the 2018 Government Policy Statement on Land Transport in changing transport outcomes in New Zealand. Schiff Consulting contributed extensive data analysis to support the evaluation of impacts of the GPS against various criteria.