Decision support

Be informed to make better decisions

Helping clients make better decisions is at the heart of what Schiff Consulting does. We have many skills that can be applied to improve decision-making, including analysing complex datasets to provide insights, developing forecasting models and producing forecasts under alternative scenarios, and quantitative evaluation of the outcomes of past decisions.

We understand that making decisions is becoming ever more complex due to the increased volume of information and data available, and we are able to efficiently combine and filter data from disparate sources.

We also believe it is important for decision-makers to understand uncertainty and presenting the uncertainty associated with data analysis or forecasts is a key feature of our work.

Examples of work

Transport policy review: Schiff Consulting (with Dovetail and Mackie Research) was engaged by the NZ Ministry of Transport to review the effectiveness of the 2018 Government Policy Statement on Land Transport in changing transport outcomes in New Zealand. Schiff Consulting contributed extensive data analysis to support the evaluation of impacts of the GPS against various criteria.

Health and safety trial evaluation: Schiff Consulting contributed analysis of activity and survey data to support evaluation of a trial health and safety intervention in the health sector (with Dovetail).

Economics of 3D elevation data: Land Information New Zealand contracted Schiff Consulting to review and estimate the potential economic benefits from use of 3D elevation (LiDAR) data in New Zealand, to support decisions around further investment in 3D elevation data.