Data visualisation & communication

Illuminate your data

Effective data visualisations and clear communication of quantitative analysis are an important feature of our work. Schiff Consulting creates professional print-quality charts for including in reports and presentations, and interactive data visualisations for the web using Observable. We are also experienced at creating thematic maps for visualising geospatial data.

Our data visualisations always have communication as the primary purpose and are designed to be easy to understand without unnecessary visual elements or complexity.

Examples of work

Groceries market analysis: Schiff Consulting was engaged by the NZ Commerce Commission to analyse a large dataset of retail pricing activity by supermarkets to support its study of competition in the grocery sector. A significant part of this work involved presenting findings from analysis of the dataset in charts and tables for the Commission’s internal use and for inclusion in its published report.

Regional economic trends: Development of charts and visual summaries of economic trends impacting the Waikato region as part of a document produced for Waikato Regional Council staff and Councillors to inform strategy development (with Dovetail).

Construction industry case study: The NZ Productivity Commission asked Schiff consulting to write a case study on the impacts of international migration on the New Zealand construction sector, as part of its inquiring into migration settings. The case study report included visual summaries of migration flows and construction sector data.

Consumer survey analysis: Research agency FiveFiftyFive contracted Schiff Consulting to do apply network analysis to responses to a consumer sentiment survey and to develop data visualisations to summarise the results.