Economic research and modelling

Applied economics for the real world

Schiff Consulting uses economic tools to understand how value and wellbeing are created or destroyed. Aaron Schiff has a PhD in economics and more than 20 years of experience in applying economics to issues arising in government policy-making, market competition, and community outcomes. He has particular experience in studies of industries and markets, competition economics, and applications of cost-benefit analysis to evaluation. Schiff Consulting has applied economic analysis across many sectors, including transport, infrastructure, travel and tourism, ICT, energy, and non-profit activities.

Examples of work

Tourism demand analysis: Econometric estimates of demand elasticities for New Zealand international visitor arrivals, to support policy analysis by the NZ Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

Transport revenue forecasting: Modelling and forecasting to support the NZ Ministry of Transport’s projections of revenues from fuel excise duties and road user charges.

Industry study and labour economics: Preparation of a detailed case study of the use of migrant labour in the New Zealand construction industry, to assist the NZ Productivity Commission with its inquiry into immigration settings.

Urban economic analysis: An econometric study of the impacts of local amenities on land values in Auckland.

Competition economics: Economic analysis to support the NZ Commerce Commission in its assessment of various merger clearance applications.